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STEM Evaluation TIG Happy Hour Talk

Preparing for the Evaluation, concerns the process of evaluators educating themselves about the culture and other contexts that the program, community, staff, and participants are nested in prior to engaging with the stakeholders. Ciara’s talk delves deeper into what this first step looks like in practice, integrating the role of equity during this process to combat systematic racism.

Here is a copy of the presentation slides


AEA is the professional association for evaluation teaching and practice. It's a great resource to engage with professionals in the field, find jobs, find research, and get advice.

This is a resource that provides give a lot of insight and resources for entering evaluation around culture.

This is a great directory created by Dr. John Lavelle at the University of Minnesota. This is a great resource for those seeking a degree focused on program evaluation.

Dana's blog includes a mixture of discussions and tools about evaluation, consulting, research, statistics, and teaching.

This is a great website all about conducting evaluation in an equitable manner.

Eval Central is a free discussion board among evaluators of all levels (i.e. student, novice, expert).